Welcome to Equine Celebrations' original line of perfumes and cologne catering to equestrian lovers around the world!

  We have succeeded in making the equestrian feel better, smell great, and accomplish each RIDE with more Confidence.


Equine Celebrations is proud to offer our perfume and colognes:

"RIDE" for the ladies

Our Second Creation called

 "RIDEM" for the gentlemen

and Now enjoy our Unisex line called

 "RIDE AWAY" our first unisex cologne

Smell great this Summer and enjoy your new 


  Our Fragrances are driven by the equestrian in you, no matter what seat you "Ride"


                                                                "Ride" for Her                                                                                   

"Ride" for Him       

                                             "Ridem" for                                                         

                                                                    "Ride" for Girls                                                                           

       "Ride" for Boys        


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